Super Cargo services for Oil, Bulk & General cargo ships.

Geoinspect offers professional, specialized and experienced Supercargoes who can work on
different basis, depending on what tasks they are appointed to carry out onboard.
Geoinspect’s Supercargo can join vessels worldwide, depending on the customer’s
While having a Geoinspect Supercargo onboard, the customers can expect a proactive
The Geoinspect Supercargo will be on the spot assessing and monitoring the present situation
onboard, whether it is during loading, discharging, cleaning or other pending situations onboard.
If a complex challenge occurs whilst onboard, the Geoinspect Supercargo will recognise a
solution due to his experience and thereby protect the customer’s interest both commercially
and operationally. The Geoinspect Supercargo thrives on these challenges and the customer can
expect a professional solution of the challenge.